How are you going to finish?

“To start strong is good, but finishing strong is EPIC” – Robin Sharma

If you are like me, every new year starts with quite a few resolutions – from learning a new skill, being more active, stop procrastinating, to making a difference in my community. However, by the end of February most of these resolutions are out the backdoor and I am, unfortunately, back to my old habits.

This got me thinking…why not have “end of year” resolutions? 2019 is not over yet and we can still do our best to end it on an EPIC note!

If your motivation for action is a little low, this in an excellent time to learn four things you can do to close out the end of 2019 and finish strong! You’ll thank yourself in January if you stay focused and finish December with clarity and purpose.


1. Eliminate one bad habit.

We’re all guilty of having a few bad habits. If we are honest with ourselves, we can find no good excuse to have them, especially since they only exist to bring us down. Instead of attempting to eliminate a bad habit all at once, take baby steps towards breaking it and replace it with a good habit that positively contributes to your life.

For example, if you have a problem with procrastination practice completing a task the moment its assigned, or automatically finish that chore you’ve been putting off. This prevents you from taking any opportunity to waste precious time.

2. Start tying up any loose ends.

As you are working on setting your goals for the new year, make sure you’re tying up any loose ends. Are there any hard conversations you need to have? Now is the time to have them. You don’t want to bring bitterness into the New Year. Are there any preparations that you need to make for the year to come? You don’t have to wait until January first to start making them. Preparing now will give you peace and momentum later.

3. Improve productivity.

How can you get your work done faster? If you can accomplish more in less time, you'll free up hours for projects or interests you don't think you have time to consider and be able to make a better impression on those you need to impress. Some key time wasters include: excessive email checking, not prioritizing projects and spending a lot of time gossiping around the water cooler or on Social Media. Start tracking your time on these activities and you may be surprised by how many hours you can recover from your day.

4. Improve your digital footprint.

Googled yourself lately? What did you notice?  Are you satisfied with the impression you leave for those who find you?  Are you non-existent?  There's no time like the present to ramp up your digital presence. If you've been hesitating to get a LinkedIn profile or you never bothered to take a professional photo to use online, now is the time. Employers are turning to social media to source candidates and to learn more about you. What will they find? It's up to you to feed content to Google so a search of your name online results in information you want people to know about you.

As we near the end of 2019 and look on the horizon of 2020 – ensure that you have an EPIC finish!   

14 November 2019

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