I have been in the job market for a couple of months and dealt with numerous recruitment agencies. When it comes to Prosperitas there is no match in service and dedication. I was lucky enough to have dealt with Kobus as my agent. He was on the ball and his feedback was very positive and the info he gave always put me at ease. It was like having a sevice champion working for you to secure you your deam job.  

Thank you so much Kobus and Prosperitas recruitment. In my books you are 10 out of 10 and hands down the best in the industry. 

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

From the first phone call from Kobus to landing my dream job was a matter of 10 days. Normally you apply for a position and never hear from an agent again! Kobus and Annamarie are the ultimate professionals, I was kept in the loop the whole duration of the process, not that it was a long process. Annamarie called me the day before and prepared me for the interview, highlighting what they felt was important to highlight to be successful.

Kobus and Annamarie are the most professional agents I have ever come across. They had my best interests at heart and kept me informed about the position and outcome all the way. I landed my dream job within just over a week and I believe that that would never have happened should your company not have been involved. I highly recommend Prosperitas Personnel to any person seeking employment or who are looking for top candidates. The feeling I got for the first time working with recruitment agents is that Kobus has both parties best interests at heart and I believe that with myself and my new employer had found a perfect match for both.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse and Kobus Vermaak

From the first call, Kobus was friendly and warm.  I was briefed about the position, and asked whether I would be interested.  From the word go, Kobus kept in constant contact, keeping me updated on all the processes. I was prepped for the first interview, and my nerves were calmed.  Once, I made it through to the second interview, Kobus was continually following up with me and motivating me.

I received excellent service, and it felt like I was dealing with an old friend.

Thank you Kobus, for being so professional! 

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

Prosperitas Personnel can truly be very proud of having a person like Kobus as part of their team . I must admit he was very professional, efficient and I was truly amazed at how fast everything came together. He called me to give me feedback, wished me well before my interview and called me after my interview.

I was truly blown away by the level of service. I wish all agencies could learn how to recruit and be successful at the same time. I am a very happy person right now and I will refer a lot more people that is looking for employment, as I know that they will be in good hands.

Looking for a job is always stressful, but this was the best interview of my life because I was very confident as Kobus gave me a lot of courage and support.

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

I have applied for a position and within 10 minutes I received a phone call from Kobus, he explained that one of his clients were looking for someone with the same expertise that I have. I was interested after a full detailed discussion of the said position, and two days later I had my first interview. Once I gave him feedback on this, not even 2 hours later he confirmed my second interview for the Monday. I reveived my offer within that same week. 

When it comes to Prosperitas, I can tell that Kobus and the team are extremely professional, to an extend, he bent over backwards for me with all my questions, and responded immediately. He constantly communicated, kept me up to date even with regards to the company and their process before they employed me, while I waited for the best offer ever, he always informed me with all updates etc. 

For me, and I am sure most of the people that dealt with him, Kobus is SA's most professional and worthy Personnel Agent and he can carry this with a lot of pride. His colleagues were handling the details, and cv format to the client in such a swift manner, that all of them made my career the living dream that I always waited for. 

I will NEVER be able to thank this person enough, ever! 

Kobus and Prosperitas Personnel, YOU are SA's no 1 Recruitment Agency!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

Tamrin Holliday is absolutely amazing and deserves all the appraisal. I was contacted within a week of submitting my CV. Tamrin was very polite, professional and encouraging too. I always knew what was next and where I stood with the my application, there was consistent communication. Prosperitas Personnel has helped secure a great first job, that has room for me to grow. I would highly recommend Tamrin, she helped me all the way and never left me with questions. Thank you  Prosperitas Personnel for all the help!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday 

I want to express my great appreciation to Kobus's effort and hard work, since the first time he contacted me. He has excellent communication skills, is professional and very proactive in all the information that was provided to me before and after the interview. He even wished me good luck for my first day at the new company. 

Not only was he very professional, but he also added a personal touch, he made me feel that I was talking to a friend and not a recruiter. I would like to thank Kobus for everything and for giving me this opportunity!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

Tamrin was one of the best consultants I have ever dealt with in my career.  She kept me up to date all the time, it was not necessary for me to requesting info or feedback. She provide in-depth information to me about the position and the company. I was offered a permanent position was, after 2 interviews and the tips she provided definitely helped me during the interview. Out of a score from 1 – 10, I will definitely giver her a 10!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday 

I want to commend Properitas Personnel for their impeccable level of professionalism and next level communication. I was always timely informed and prepared by Kobus and his team. This has made me successful in securing my new career opportunity.

Thank you, Kobus and Team!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

I would like to thank Tamrin and the Prosperitas team for their professional work ethics and manner they conduct business. Tamrin is a superstar and a massive benefit to the team. She provided more than enough information for me to make an informed decision, and gave me advise that assisted me in every aspect to secure this position.

This was a 10 out of 10 experience, I will work with Tamrin and the team again. Thank you for the effortless manner you assisted me in securing this opportunity.

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday 

Tamrin has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment consultant. I cannot thank Tamrin enough for her efficiency, full support, and for helping me start a new chapter in my professional career. They provided high quality professional tips and friendly services throughout the whole process. 

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday 

Having benefited from working through Prosperitas Personnel, I can highly recommend them to all professional and serious job seekers. Not only did I received prompt and timely feedback, Elindi also provided detailed information on both the company and position I applied for. Elindi's level of professionalism and care over exceeded my expectations.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Slabbert

I want to give a huge thank you to Annamarie Oelofse for helping to secure a great job opportunity within 2 days of her being in contact with me. A job I  wouldn't have been aware of if it weren't for her finding my CV and contacting me. Therefore, I count myself as being incredibly blessed to have had Annamarie's thorough help, support and advise throughout the application process. Annamarie is very professional, calm, informative, quick to respond, always happy to help and just an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Annamarie and Prosperitas Personnel for everything. I would highly recommend you and your wonderful team. 

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse

Prosperitas Personnel was a blessing in disguise. Kobus was great to work with. He was efficient and made me feel at ease. He assisted with information on the company and some extra tips on the interview. He was very hands on with feedback and kept me in the loop on the developments. 

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

I was not expecting to get a call that changed the day for me! Elindi treated me with absolute respect and took me through the whole process from start to finish. Her professionalism in all she did for me is commendable. I have started at the new company and I do believe that I am going to enjoy working there. Thank you once again and for certain will recommend your company to all who ever asks how all this came about. Thank you Elindi for everything I really appreciate it all.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Slabbert

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Annamarie (again). Over the years I have worked with a few agencies / recruiters and Annamarie has really stood out.  She is extremely professional, providing me with constant updates - so I was never left wondering "what next" and prepared me adequately for the interviews. I also felt a sense of personal rapport built with her and the fact that she remembered me from six years ago, when she tried to place me at another job shows her dedication to her job and clients.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse

Without Kobus, I would never have heard about the available position. With his professional guidance and expertise I was offered the position and this took a step towards reaching my dream. Sufficient information about the position was provided by Kobus during our first telephone conversation. He prepped me the day before my interview on what to expect and guided me on what to research and prepare for the interview. After my interview, Kobus, gave me feedback on my interview and kept me informed and updated. I would highly recommend Kobus and Prosperitas Personnel to anyone who is seeking a career change. 

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

Elindi is an angel from above! She has been so friendly and kind from the moment she phoned me. She always made me feel like she has my back, always encouraging me and making me feel like anything is possible; she is such a motivator! I always knew where I stood in the process, timely feedback, and all my answers were answered without hesitation. With her, it is the little things that count; she would just check in to see if everything was OK, and if I am still happy and excited. Her preparation for my interview was informative, accurate and to the point. Very good service from start to finish! Thank you so much! 

Message from a candidate about Elindi Slabbert

Tamrin is professional and she has been of great assistance from day 1, she managed to book an interview for me and sent me the job spec and the interview details in time. She constantly checked up on me to find out how the interview went and gave me feedback once she had the info.

The documentation with the tips of the interview, helped me with asking the relevant questions and giving the appropriate answers during the interview. I rate her 10/10 for her service.

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

The service I received for Prosperitas Personnel is like no other I have previously received from a recruiting company. I was regularly kept up to date with what is happening with the process, without the need of contacting them first. Kobus was always friendly and didn't mind answering my questions, providing me with more information about the company or position in question. I would recommend this company to anyone that is in the job market!!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak

Tamrin and Elindi were very efficient and helpful towards me, in not only finding/recruiting a job but also just in general. They were willing to go the extra mile by personally messaging me to check if I was happy and settled in. The company itself has very happy employees and you can see it based on their work ethic and mannerisms. Very professional to say the least.

They were super and fabulous to work with :-)

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday and Elindi Slabbert

Working with Tamrin made finding my ideal job a thousand times easier! She was extremely supportive throughout the whole process - from sending  my CV, arranging the interviews, up to my first week at work. She was very friendly, professional and helpful!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

Prosperitas Personnel contacted me about a new opportunity. I was given all the information required about the company and help was offered at every juncture of the process. Communication between Prosperitas Personnel, the hiring team at the prospective company and myself flowed with ease. I was well prepped for the interview by Tamrin and Elindi, who made sure the ball kept rolling.  Contract negotiations were done with the same high level of professionalism during the entire process.

A very well-organized, pleasant experience, I couldn't be happier. Thank you kindly.

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

I would like to express my gratitude to Tamrin Holliday. Prior to the interview she provided me with full information about the company background and the position. She was with me throughout the whole process and believed in me, even though she was just phone call away, it meant a lot to me. She guided me through everything and it's because of her that I got the job. It was a good experience and I will forever be grateful.

I would like to say to Tamrin, keep up the good work!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

Working with Tamrin has been the best decision I have ever made regarding my career.  In the past, dealing with recruiters has not always been favourable, but Tamrin showed me a different side and changed my perspective completely.

She has been very hands on and supportive from day one, one thing that stood out for me was her transparency and consistency during and post the process. She was always available to answer whatever questions that I had and would always update me on the different stages of the process. She prepared me thoroughly for the interview and gave me sufficient material to work through. She managed my expectations well and described the environment i will be working in to the best of her abilities. Her level of professionalism is outstanding and I recomend her everywhere I go. I truly respect her work ethic. I am starting an amazing chapter in my career and all credit is due to Tamrin.

I can't thank Tamrin and Prosperitas Personnel enough for this great break!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

I would like to thank Elindi for opening a new door for me in such a short period of time. She went over and beyond, and gave me sufficient information to prepare me for a successful job application process. She kept in touch, even after I got the job, to see how things are going. Thank you Elindi for being so incredible and for going the extra mile!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

Prosperitas Personnel were wonderful to work with and extremely helpful through the entire application/interview process. Kobus and Annamarie were quick to respond to my emails, text messages and phone calls at all times of the day, even after hours and during the weekends. I was provided with detailed information on the job description and requirements for the role. Kobus clearly highlighted the expectations of the company which enabled me to be well prepared for my interview. In the end, I landed the job with all my salary and benefits expectations met. Thank you Kobus and team!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak & Annamarie Oelofse

Thank you for all the assistance and guidance that I received in a professional manner from Prosperitas Personnel. I appreciate all the services and the constant communication that I received from Kobus Vermaak and Annamarie Oelofse. They were always professional and always explained things to me clearly and were always happy to answer questions related to the interview and the position. I benefited greatly by working with Prosperitas Personnel and am ever grateful for the assistance in securing me a new work position. I always received relevant information from them within good time and had lots of time and information to prepare myself for the interview. I experienced a high level of professionalism and expertise when it came to linking my profile with the client and presenting my profile to the client and securing my new position.

Once again thank you Prosperitas Personnel and your professional expertise.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse & Kobus Vemaak

Prosperitas Personnel were very helpful in providing me with quality, prospective employment vacancies. They were with me every step of the way through the application process until employment. Elindi ensured that my every question was answered to my satisfaction. She was always on par with her communication with me and feedback was provided on time. I received great tips from Elindi, and I followed them religiously. This made me feel more prepared and confident for the interview. Elindi always conducted our communications in a very professional but pleasing manner. She was always easy to approach, friendly and helpful.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

I would like to thank Prosperitas Personnel who successfully placed me in my dream job. The consultant who I worked with, Elindi, ensured that I was properly prepared for all the interviews. She went more than the extra mile to help me secure this role. The company she placed me at was a company I dreamt of working at for years. I will highly recommend Elindi to anyone who is looking to work, she is a talented recruiter who has a true passion to change the lives of her candidates.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

Annamarie was absolutely excellent! I really appreciate her hard work and diligence in getting everything through and supporting the process. Annamarie gave an excellent service. She provided all the necessary information and followed up with the company to get additional information that I requested. She was exceptionally professional at all times. She is definitely an asset to your team. Appreciate the hard work and support!

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse

The service that I received from Annamarie and Elindi was excellent! I would refer this recruitment agency to anyone looking for a agency to assist them. They always kept in touch and guided me through the whole process. They really assist from A - Z.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelfose and Elindi Jooste

Prosperitas Personnel provided me with the tools and knowledge to pursue new adventures in my career, I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to approach. Elindi and the team prepped and provided me with all the information I needed to be 100 percent ready for my first, second and then my final interview. I would definitely recommend Prosperitas Personnel, along with Elindi, to anyone in the job market!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

Elindi was very professional and handled the entire application process very well. She clearly explained the roles and responsibilities of the position and I was well-informed. I would recommend her professional service to any candidate.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

Tamrin was instrumental in my securing the position. She went to great effort to keep me updated on the process, and her friendly manner kept me at ease. Preparation for the interview itself was detailed and on point: she also organised additional team members to give me interview advice. Her feedback was honest and helpful, resulting in overall success! Thank you for walking this road with me, the care you took to check in with me on my first day of work, was much appreciated!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

The service that I got from Kobus, was excellent, I have never got such a service in the recruitment space. I was kept in the loop all the time, information about the organisation. I also experienced matching of personality and organisation culture which for me was out of this world.

Time taken for recruitment was the shortest ever in my life, in the space of 30 days, deal was sealed with appointment, also telling me what I should expect on the first day.

He was prepared to clarify any question I had during recruitment. Thank you for exposing me to such an experience!               

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak                                                                                                                                                                

Working with Elindi was a privilege, her genuine passion for her work is apparent from day one. She treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism many HR “professionals” should learn from. By going the extra mile at every step, Elindi ensured that I was always informed and never missed an opportunity to answer my questions. Without her tips and advice I would have never landed the position, not only did she recognize the excellent culture fit, she effectively matched my skills and personality with the needs of the company. Thank you Elindi for not treating me like just another applicant!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

Prosperitas Personnel's Executive Recruitment Consultant was absolutely professional from start to finish. Prompt responses to questions and valuable information was provided when asked for. She really went above and beyond making sure that it was a good fit for both the company that was recruiting and me. Excellent professional service, thank you Prosperitas!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

I had great pleasure in working with Elindi. She prepared me for the interview, she gave me all the information I needed and she supported me from the interview preparation all the way to even following up after I started at the new company.

She was not only looking to place me within a company but to find me a new working famliy! I refer all my friends and family members to her.

Prosperitas Personnel is lucky to have her!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste


I received superb service from Elindi and would gladly recommend her to anyone, as she went the extra mile to ensure I am excited and prepared to start my new job.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

I must admit that right through my career I have dealt with numerous agents and placement companies. Some interactions was good. Some not so good and others downright scary.

When Kobus contacted me, I immediately experienced a feeling of trust and honesty. The information he relayed to me was concise and clear. From day one I had a fair and clear understanding of the parameters with regards to the position.

Kobus contacted me on a regular basis to make sure if I am at ease with the transition. He had sufficient knowledge about the employment process to seamlessly prepare me for the interview with the employer. Armed with the information and preparation I received from him allowed me to confidently interact with the prospective employer.

He’s unwavering dedication to prepare and equip me for this position cemented me as a candidate. I however think that his professionalism and interest in me as a person and not only a candidate created a feeling of mutual respect, trust and partnership.

I will confidently recommend the services of Prosperitas to any of my friends or family. Keep up the good work guys.

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak

A true representation of a passion for people and professionalism!

Kobus created a true and honest relationship from the onset. He gave detailed information about what the position entailed as well as the kind of company and what they were looking for. He gave a full prep for the interview with not only the questions but also the panel. A further personal touch with the first call to wish me well and give me that boost of confidence before the interview and he was the first to call me right after the interview. He maintained a constant line of communication regarding feedback from the company and what was being discussed daily. He shared his best and sincere advice throughout the negotiations and even prepared me for my first day by providing an induction pack.

He didn’t just assist me in getting a new job but fitted my piece perfectly in the puzzle. He opened up my world and gave me a chance to shine.

Prepare to prosper with Prosperitas!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak


I received clear communication about the vacancy I applied for, the full scope of work it entails and therefore I understood what I was applying for. Kobus was fully transparent about company information and the position. I had a full job description and was happy about it.

The communication was phenomenal, the details were clear about interview dates and venue and also the panel of interviewers I will be engaging with, what kind of individual the company was looking for, the kind of attributes and qualifications required. I went to the interview fully prepared knowing what to expect and I shined during the interview.

Kobus was absolutely professional, he played open cards about remuneration for the job, growth opportunities within the company and he also negotiated on my behalf with the company to meet my salary requirements. All in all, I’m very grateful that I engaged with Prosperitas Personnel. I am enjoying my work, growing my experience and traveling the world. I am actually in Luanda, Angola as I’m writing this testimony. You guys are the best!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak

Elindi was a joy to work with, a friendly and professional individual! She is very thorough and a quick worker, with a witt to match.

She helped me find and secure a job at a speed that would make sports cars blush, and I appreciate all that she has done, thoroughly impressed with her service, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Message from a candidate about Elindi Jooste

The war for talent is a reality that every Company faces.  Without a skilled placement partner, the life of an HR practitioner can easily be flooded with endless phone calls, screening exercises and interviews that don’t add value to the business. 

Prosperitas Personnel have gone the extra mile for our Company without exception.  Their unique ability to understand the operational elements and corporate culture of a Company before submitting candidates is truly remarkable.  With this insight we have secured placements after one round of interviews the majority of the time.

Kobus and his team is always available and always ready for a challenge.  They have assisted us with a range of positions from various levels of seniority and from a wide range of divisions including Engineering, HR, IT, Sales, Artisans, Admin Staff and Management.  What’s even better is that candidates arrive at interviews fully prepared and informed of the specifications of the relevant position.

We look forward to many years of productive business with Prosperitas Personnel.

Message from a client

At first, I thought it was too good to be true as I had applied for the job a day before receiving Tamrin's phone call. Tamrin introduced herself to me and asked me a few questions related to my work experience. Most job seekers complain about how agents don't respond to emails however, Tamrin sent an email acknowledging receipt of the documents I had sent back to her and that made me feel better and that I was in good hands. I benefited a great deal from working with Prosperitas Personnel, as the first time I spoke to Tamrin, she was very professional which I appreciated and learned from.

Every time I spoke to Tamrin I felt like I was talking to a friend as she kept encouraging me to do my best and be prepared, which lead me to get the job. I was very happy to hear that she negotiated the best salary for me. 

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

Prosperitas Personnel is the reason I found my dream job.  From the start the staff was very friendly and very informative. I got all the information in detail from day 1, before my CV was even sent to the client.  Once the interview was set, Prosperitas kept in touch and kept me update all the way.  They gave me enough information to go to my interview with total confidence and contacted me to follow up after the interview.

Whenever they were in touch with the client, I would get an update on the process.  This was the one thing I appreciated the most, as uncertainty and lack of feedback and communication is the most frustrating elements in your search for a new job.  My consultant was very professional and so friendly that I felt totally comfortable discussing even the smallest detail regarding my future career hopes and dreams with her.

I would without a doubt recommend Prosperitas Personnel to anyone looking for that one job that is just perfect for you!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

The personal relationship that you build with Kobus during the process is phenomenal.  Every single day post application he would give me a personal call to find out how I was doing and to give me feedback even if he did not have any.  This was the most comforting during the entire process.  It was as though he was dealing with the angst, stress and the unknown as well. The personal attention that he puts into his work is heart-warming. 

I would like to thank Prosperitas Personnel and Kobus in particular for the wonderful opportunity, personal input and encouragement during the process, as well as the placement.  Without you it would not be possible. 

Any and all candidates in the market can be rest assured with Kobus at their side. 

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak

Thank you for your huge effort in enabling me to be successfully employed again. I think your ability to sum up my expectations and work experience, resulted in finding a job that fits me like a glove. After only one week of work at the new employer, I can already say that I work well together with my colleagues and is excited for the road ahead. I contribute this to the fact that I found the absolute correct job. Keep up the quality service.

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak


Kobus is the most professional consultant that I have worked with in a long time. I recently had a 3 month journey with him during the placement at a company and I received regular updates about the status of the vacant position without having to request these. Prior to the interview I received tips and information about the company and the panel of interviewers. 

He offers a superb level of service and I can recommend him without any hesitation – he will an asset to any company during their recruitment process.

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak

This was my first time dealing with such a professional recruitment agency, both Tamrin and Annamarie are so helpful and do everything with a smile. Never have I felt so encouraged and ready for an interview, they took the time to help me prepare and to make me feel at ease.

Thank you, ladies, for everything that you did for me.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse and Tamrin Holliday

I would like to give my testimony about my experience with Prosperitas Personnel. The representatives were very friendly & supportive through the process. They gave me hope & they never forced me to do anything that I was not comfortable with. They checked up on me even after I started working for the new company. I really appreciate the fact that they believed in me & they gave me an opportunity to meet their client. It was indeed a good experience for me. After one month with Prosperitas Personnel client’s, I can say the sky is the limit.

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday

I would like to commend Annamarie Oelofse for the great manner in which she directed my transition to my current employer.  Her professional manner made me feel that my career was taken care of, at the best of my interest.  From the beginning of the recruitment process, I was informed about the status of the process and regular updates were given until the offer was finalised.

She addressed all my queries and made sure that I was fully aware of the contractual content.  I appreciated the clear communication channels.

I felt comfortable to make the career change and with my current employer, I have the great opportunity to grow in my career as a young professional.

I would recommend her if you are looking to be sought after by notable companies.

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse