Third Party Technician – Insurance Industry

At first, I thought it was too good to be true as I had applied for the job a day before receiving Tamrin's phone call. Tamrin introduced herself to me and asked me a few questions related to my work experience. Most job seekers complain about how agents don't respond to emails however, Tamrin sent an email acknowledging receipt of the documents I had sent back to her and that made me feel better and that I was in good hands. I benefited a great deal from working with Prosperitas Personnel, as the first time I spoke to Tamrin, she was very professional which I appreciated and learned from.

Every time I spoke to Tamrin I felt like I was talking to a friend as she kept encouraging me to do my best and be prepared, which lead me to get the job. I was very happy to hear that she negotiated the best salary for me. 

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday