After Sales & Service Engineer - Engineering Industry

I received clear communication about the vacancy I applied for, the full scope of work it entails and therefore I understood what I was applying for. Kobus was fully transparent about company information and the position. I had a full job description and was happy about it.

The communication was phenomenal, the details were clear about interview dates and venue and also the panel of interviewers I will be engaging with, what kind of individual the company was looking for, the kind of attributes and qualifications required. I went to the interview fully prepared knowing what to expect and I shined during the interview.

Kobus was absolutely professional, he played open cards about remuneration for the job, growth opportunities within the company and he also negotiated on my behalf with the company to meet my salary requirements. All in all, I’m very grateful that I engaged with Prosperitas Personnel. I am enjoying my work, growing my experience and traveling the world. I am actually in Luanda, Angola as I’m writing this testimony. You guys are the best!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vermaak