Cost and Management Accountant - Mining

Working with Tamrin has been the best decision I have ever made regarding my career.  In the past, dealing with recruiters has not always been favourable, but Tamrin showed me a different side and changed my perspective completely.

She has been very hands on and supportive from day one, one thing that stood out for me was her transparency and consistency during and post the process. She was always available to answer whatever questions that I had and would always update me on the different stages of the process. She prepared me thoroughly for the interview and gave me sufficient material to work through. She managed my expectations well and described the environment i will be working in to the best of her abilities. Her level of professionalism is outstanding and I recomend her everywhere I go. I truly respect her work ethic. I am starting an amazing chapter in my career and all credit is due to Tamrin.

I can't thank Tamrin and Prosperitas Personnel enough for this great break!

Message from a candidate about Tamrin Holliday