Senior Legal Bookkeeper - Legal Industry

It was a pleasureable & pain free experience.  Stress free, nevertheless!  I had been on the market for the last 3 years or so and had registered myself with top notch recruitment agencies, however none was able to find me something suitable.  Annamarie contacted me in January for a great position suited to my profession and within 2 weeks I signed the job.

She was fast, determined and very friendly.  She marketed my talents well to the new company, there was no doubt that they were going to be happy with what I could add in terms of value to their team.  She always worked professionally and with all of the ethical and morale standards, never dropping below what was required for either myself the candidate or the the other parties concerned (The New company).  She was honest, frank and reliable throughout the whole process.  The paperwork was dealt with very efficiently, causing no hang ups or delays and the position was finally secured to be mine within a short frame of time.

I had a very good experience with Annamarie from Prosperitas Personnel and I thank her for her kind and valuable assistance during my journey and finding the job of my dreams!  Many thanks Annamarie, you are a star!

Message from a candidate about Annamarie Oelofse