Category Manager - FMCG

I have applied for a position and within 10 minutes I received a phone call from Kobus, he explained that one of his clients were looking for someone with the same expertise that I have. I was interested after a full detailed discussion of the said position, and two days later I had my first interview. Once I gave him feedback on this, not even 2 hours later he confirmed my second interview for the Monday. I reveived my offer within that same week. 

When it comes to Prosperitas, I can tell that Kobus and the team are extremely professional, to an extend, he bent over backwards for me with all my questions, and responded immediately. He constantly communicated, kept me up to date even with regards to the company and their process before they employed me, while I waited for the best offer ever, he always informed me with all updates etc. 

For me, and I am sure most of the people that dealt with him, Kobus is SA's most professional and worthy Personnel Agent and he can carry this with a lot of pride. His colleagues were handling the details, and cv format to the client in such a swift manner, that all of them made my career the living dream that I always waited for. 

I will NEVER be able to thank this person enough, ever! 

Kobus and Prosperitas Personnel, YOU are SA's no 1 Recruitment Agency!

Message from a candidate about Kobus Vemaak