Procurement & Supply Chain - Manufacturing Industry

I received great service from Elindi! It was really beneficial to work with her, she made the entire process a lot smoother. Elindi was the mediator and all communications and meetings were scheduled through her. Elindi provided adequate information about the company and she also discussed the company's structure and culture. 

Elindi gave me immediate feedback after my interview. She also scheduled meetings promptly between myself and the client. Elindi went out of her way to provide sufficient and adequate information which she knew was important for me to be aware of. The interwiew tips were excellent. It is always difficult to figure out what questions to ask a company. I've ended up using the  tips that were provided by Elindi

Elindi's professionalism was excellent. She was always friendly and had good telephone manner. Whenever I had a question she answered and explained it sufficiently. I once called her at 18:00, due to working late, and she had no complaints answering my phone call. 

Elindi and I have developed an immediate friendship, I would recommend her expertise to anyone who is looking for a job opportunity!

Message from a candidate about Elindi Slabbert